Ayatgali Tuleubek

Groundbreaking Computational Methods for Generating Heat and Value

in collaboration with Michael Rasmussen, 2020

Site-specific installation at She Will artspace, located at a still functioning petrol station. Inside the outer sctructure built of chipboard and wood is a cryptocurrency mining rig. While the rig is mining cryptocurrency (Ethereum) it also outputs 2400 watts worth of heat energy as a by-product and heats up the room to temperatures of approximately 40 degrees C (104 F), enough to make the audience sweat.

We live in financial times. Certainly, there are politics, ideologies, beliefs and people who stand behind in erecting the global order in which we find ourselves. Yet, these times also rely on a machine: millions of lines of computer code composing models for profit generation running on vast fields of hardware, altogether intended to execute millions of transactions each second. It is hard to believe there are people capable of understanding abstractions of such a high level.

Perhaps, the embedded opacity is a feature and not a by-product. In other words, it is an impenetrable system with an end to impose a regime of control and unfairness. Maybe to understand the depth of the disaster is not a matter of enhancing the cognition (since it is impossible anyway), but to comprehend it through our bodies and thermoceptive tissues.

© Ayatgali Tuleubek